Bookable session: Make creative and imaginative connections across rich themes in our collections
About the session

Explore how artists and artworks shape our world, express concepts, beliefs, and relationships. Find out about different art media and techniques and how artists employ line, shape, colour, texture, and composition to express ideas.

Through mindful visual examination, thoughtful conversation and shared discussion designed to foster your students playful and imaginative curiosity around art and artworks, we learn together to create Art Connections.

Choose from one of our themes:

  1. Portraits
  2. How to Read a Painting
  3. Landscapes
  4. Who holds power?
Format of the session

Please indicate your preference for theme when booking.

  1. Portraits and Heads
  2. How to Read a Painting
  3. Landscapes
  4. Who holds power?

This is available as a museum educator led session.

  • scheduled for two hours
  • available for up to two classes
  • one hour is taught, one hour is self-led, then if two classes the groups swap
  • self-led resources are available
  • access to our lunch room to store belongings and eat lunch

‘Students are using their research to influence their own work. There were many positive responses.’ – KS4/5 Teacher


Resources for use before or after your visit
Videos, schemes of work and high-quality images


Abstraction: Paintings

Abstraction: Sculpture

How to Read a Painting

Bookings and questions

We are fully booked for Spring 2024. Summer term bookings can be requested by filling out this google form.

To keep up to date with news about schools and hear about future terms bookings please sign up to our teacher enews.

If you have any questions email

Access and special educational needs

We are happy to discuss the content of the session and any other details that may be useful in helping your students make the most of their visit.

We have travel bursaries available for schools who would otherwise not be able to visit. Information is available when booking.