Look and Think activities should take 5 -10 minutes.

Do activities might take longer depending on the task and how creative you are feeling!

Blue Twisted Form, Merete Rasmussen (2012), Stoneware

Dimensions: 31.1 x 57.5 x 52.5 cm
Presented by Nicholas and Judith Goodison. (c) Merete Rasmussen


Look carefully and see if you can work out how this object was made, and what material it is made of?


What do you think about this artwork: do you like it? Does it remind you of anything?


It is amazing to think that this sculpture is one continuous form. If you follow its twists and turns carefully you will see it only has one side. This is known as a Mobius Strip.

Follow the video below to make your own!

A photograph of a blue sculpture which twists and turns around in a circle. It is a mobius strip.
(c) Merete Rasmussen
Do: Make a Mobius Strip

More information

This work is an excellent example of Rasmussen’s fluid ceramic forms, with a pleasing asymmetric construction and striking colour.

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