Bookable session: What is art? What can it tell us about nature?
Format of the session

This is available as a museum led session.

  • suitable for SEND students in primary or secondary
  • scheduled for up to 1.5 hrs, but can be more or less based on what works for your class
  • 30-45 minutes is taught in the museum galleries, 30-45 minutes is spent creatively in our art studio
  • access to our lunch room, or have lunch in our studio
  • a museum teacher will work with you to support your visit and can help you plan your visit too.

“It was great! Take a look at [the] art. I saw the armoury the day of my visit” – KS3 student from Samuel Pepys School

“I liked the green tunnel because it lights up and it was David Hockney’s favourite colour was green. I saw a volcano lighting up in a picture. I saw some statues in a big room.” – KS3 student from Samuel Pepys school

Aims of the session
  • To develop children’s and young people’s ability to look at objects
  • To encourage children and young people to make deductions or to respond based on what they observe
  • To introduce children and young people to the language used when talking about art
  • To introduce children and young people to visual communication and visual storytelling
  • To encourage children and young people to feel comfortable, confident and welcome in a different learning environment and with different people
Before or after your visit
Look Think Do – Starter activities to try with your class

Shadowplay, by Bridget Riley

Candy Lady pair by Shawanda Corbett

The Oak and the Reed

Butterflies and other Insects

Springtime by Claude Monet

Watch our tour of the museum here


Resources for your visit

With help from Wilson and Walliams class at Samuel Pepys School, we have created two sets of resources available for use as a part of your session. You can use one or both of these however you like in the gallery, and our museum teacher will available to help.

Tools for looking kit

  • Magnifying glasses
  • Sand timers
  • Digital cameras
  • Mirrors
  • Viewfinders in different shapes
  • Laminated activity prompts

Art through the seasons kit

  • Natural smells associated with different seasons
  • Natural materials such as moss and pine cones
  • An artificial cherry blossom branch and flowers
  • A picnic rug
  • Examples of textures and colours grouped into different seasons
  • Sunglasses, hat and scarf
  • Dried flowers in clear resin
  • Laminated activity prompts

To book your session and discuss your needs, email


Access and special educational needs

We are happy to discuss the content of the session and any other details that may be useful in helping your students make the most of their visit.

We have a bag of sensory and fidget toys available to borrow for sessions.

We can also print raised line drawings related to a session with a week or more’s notice, and may be able to arrange for a second museum teacher to attend the session who is trained in audio description.

We have travel bursaries available for schools who would otherwise not be able to visit. Information is available when booking.

We find it helpful to receive all feedback, but are especially keen to improve access to our sessions and offer. Please let us know if we can improve yours, or others’ sessions.