Format of the session

This is available as a museum led session.

Museum led session

  • scheduled for 2 hours
  • your class will be divided into two groups
  • one hour is taught, one hour is self-led, the groups then swap
  • self-led guidance will be available
  • access to our lunch room, either as individual groups or all together
  • sessions are available on Tuesdays and Fridays for Autumn Term

‘I felt the Greek people were there – and not ancient – just people living their normal lives, like us.’ – KS2 pupil


Before or after your visit
During your visit


We have created some suggestions for the part of your visit where you do not have a museum teacher. They are intended to be a springboard and are adaptable.

DIY Teacher Notes – Ancient Greeks


Our activities for students go well with the DIY teacher notes and are designed for students to use in the galleries. Please feel free to adapt them to your pupil’s needs.

Into Action – Ancient Greeks

Bookings or questions

Please book here, or to discuss your needs, email

Access and special educational needs

We are happy to discuss the content of the session and any other details that may be useful in helping your students make the most of their visit.

We have travel bursaries available for schools who would otherwise not be able to visit. Information is available when booking.